Have you ever met an Accountant with a heart for design? I toiled with the idea that I needed to give up my love for numbers to pursue my passion for design, but then I realized that my love for these two polar opposites is what makes my business unique! Over the last twenty years, I’ve worked in numerous Finance roles as an Accountant / Bookkeeper with a broad range of experience and one I still love to do! If you are looking for an impeccable finance guru, I’m your girl. However in the last two years, I have fallen in love with personal branding, web design, graphic design, copyright and content creation! My all-time top favorite is social media marketing and using SEO to grow your business!

Here at Blog for the Soul, we love to provide our clients with whatever their needs are. We believe that you didn’t start your business to get caught up in the details of running the business but you had a passion to follow your dreams, creating your product/or service. We love to help people like you by freeing up your time so that you can focus on your craft, while we do the stuff we know how to do! Have I peeked your interest?

Want to learn more or work with me 1:1 and get your marketing strategy or books reconciled? Shoot me an email at Hello@BlogfortheSoul.com and we can get this party started!!

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